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Describe Your Style: Celebrity Stylist Tiffany La Vonne


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My love affair with fashion started at the age of 15. Although I never went to school for fashion, I’ve always had this gift of being able to understand future fashion trends and forecasts. At an early age, I developed the habit of playing in my closet and developing characters and story lines through the wardrobe. I became obsessed with what the celebrities wore on the red carpet. I found the glamour to be very addictive.
When it comes to my personal style, I can honestly say, “I’m still that little girl playing in my closet.” My style is very eccentric. It’s playful, fun, colorful, innovative, flamboyant, and very unpredictable. I don’t believe in following rules when it pertains to fashion or my style for that matter. I find creative freedom in being able to create my own trends and wear whatever I feel like wearing on that specific day. It all depends on my mood at that moment in time.
I love playing with color and texture when it comes to my wardrobe. As my style has developed, I’ve found that color makes me happy; it has the ability to change my energy and mood. On another note, I would say my style is innovative due to the fact that I love pushing the boundaries. I always style from the concept of “think outside the box.” There’s absolutely no limit to what you can create.
I’m an independent fashion stylist based out of Los Angeles. My area of expertise is celebrity, editorial/print, television, high fashion, Avant-garde, couture, and red carpet. My styling work has been featured in editorials for 944 magazine, Tight Rope Magazine, Smooth Magazine, and MNM Couture. In addition, I’ve styled for one of the most prestigious awards in the beauty industry; the North American Hair awards.
My proudest moment to date as a wardrobe stylist has been seeing my name in the credits for my work with the television series HBO Entourage. I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing industry professionals; however my collaboration with Celebrity Designers Michael Costello and Mondo Guerra still makes me smile to this day. Two of my favorite designers from the television show Project Runway who I rooted for from my living room. Being backstage with them and having the opportunity to style their runway show was beyond inspiring.
At the current moment, I’m working on accomplishing two major goals that I have every intention of fulfilling. One of them being getting agency representation as a wardrobe stylist and the other is making that transition from Fashion Stylist to Fashion Designer. I’m very excited about the future. My goal is to continue to challenge myself by pushing the boundaries, produce strong work that will inspire the world, and constantly evolve as an artist. The best is yet to come.

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Model Anisa Rose

My name is Audrey Anisa Rose, I am a very dedicated, enthusiastic, and vibrant 25 year old lady. I am 5ft6 and my measurements are 32-25-33, cloths size 6 and shoe size 4.

I moved to the UK at the age of 15 with my mum, I come from a small island called Seychelles Archipelago consisting of 115 islands off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. We are extremely cultural as we are a descendant of French, Chinese, English and African slaves.

Our official language is French and English and our mother tongue is Creole (that’s mix of French and African a bit of Spanish, Italian)
Tourism has been the primary Industry of Seychelles since the opening of the international airport in 1971. Temperatures are usually between 24-30 degrees celcius all year round. We have an estimated population of 86,525 and we have the smallest population of any African state. We also have the highest Human Development Index in Africa, but also the highest income inequality in the world.

Being from such a small island our opportunity is limited, therefore I am very privileged to be here following my dream in the modelling industry and representing my country because to my understanding I am the only Seychellois model in the UK. Someday, I would love to proudly say that am an inspiration to other young people in Seychelles and encouarge them to pursue their dreams.

I started modelling at the age of 16 for my school doing it for charity and raising money for sickle cell sufferers. Growing up I always battled with my weight, I had always wanted to put on weight as I felt like I wasn’t normal, was always comparing myself with my other girls in school, I was always concious about my looks, most times I felt like a slave for food thinking about what I can have for my dinner that would be fattening.

Growing older I thought of using my size for my advantage so I became a model. I have come to a conclusion that its how u feel inside that’s important, I am still petite but I feel so much better and confident in my body because I have learnt that when you love your self, in return people will love you.

I have recently been recruited by Cliche Model Management. I am very privileged to be part of this agency as it’s one of the first ethnic agency especially focusing on the ethnic minority. Cliche will put us out there to represent all the ethnic background with all shapes and sizes. Mellisa has begun something amazing and with the support of everyone we will be seen and heard in this competitive industry as an African decent as I am proud to be one.

Fashion Stylist & DJ Alexis Knox


“My personal style only dips into my styling style when i meet a like minded soul or im art directing the shoot, then i cant help but over flow with ideas of what ever im into at that time!
Right now im obsessed with Cyber! i love cyber rave style and all things futuristic and digital! Im also still hooked onto the 90s, so im loving rocking around town in my platform Buffalos.
When im not styling im DJing, so usually that means some form of cyber wear! im loving designers Dane London, Maria Ke Fisherman, IRL London & Roberto Piqueras for their forward thinking approach to design.

i always have and always will love cartoon couture, so fashion thats totally pop and cartoony! So i really appreciate the jpop and kpop aesthetic!”

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Alexis Portrait Photo Credit:
Luc Coiffat
anthony lycett

Alexis’ Clothing by:
Dane London
Maria ke Fisherman