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Describe Your Style: Floral Invasion





Describe Your Style: Celebrity Stylist Tiffany La Vonne

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My love affair with fashion started at the age of 15. Although I never went to school for fashion, I’ve always had this gift of being able to understand future fashion trends and forecasts. At an early age, I developed the habit of playing in my closet and developing characters and story lines through the wardrobe. I became obsessed with what the celebrities wore on the red carpet. I found the glamour to be very addictive.
When it comes to my personal style, I can honestly say, “I’m still that little girl playing in my closet.” My style is very eccentric. It’s playful, fun, colorful, innovative, flamboyant, and very unpredictable. I don’t believe in following rules when it pertains to fashion or my style for that matter. I find creative freedom in being able to create my own trends and wear whatever I feel like wearing on that specific day. It all depends on my mood at that moment in time.
I love playing with color and texture when it comes to my wardrobe. As my style has developed, I’ve found that color makes me happy; it has the ability to change my energy and mood. On another note, I would say my style is innovative due to the fact that I love pushing the boundaries. I always style from the concept of “think outside the box.” There’s absolutely no limit to what you can create.
I’m an independent fashion stylist based out of Los Angeles. My area of expertise is celebrity, editorial/print, television, high fashion, Avant-garde, couture, and red carpet. My styling work has been featured in editorials for 944 magazine, Tight Rope Magazine, Smooth Magazine, and MNM Couture. In addition, I’ve styled for one of the most prestigious awards in the beauty industry; the North American Hair awards.
My proudest moment to date as a wardrobe stylist has been seeing my name in the credits for my work with the television series HBO Entourage. I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing industry professionals; however my collaboration with Celebrity Designers Michael Costello and Mondo Guerra still makes me smile to this day. Two of my favorite designers from the television show Project Runway who I rooted for from my living room. Being backstage with them and having the opportunity to style their runway show was beyond inspiring.
At the current moment, I’m working on accomplishing two major goals that I have every intention of fulfilling. One of them being getting agency representation as a wardrobe stylist and the other is making that transition from Fashion Stylist to Fashion Designer. I’m very excited about the future. My goal is to continue to challenge myself by pushing the boundaries, produce strong work that will inspire the world, and constantly evolve as an artist. The best is yet to come.

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Creator of Describe Your Style: Scarf Movement


Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere from the smallest act of kindness to photographs in magazines. Inspired by a fashion post by my lovely friend Oscar, I wanted to do my own interpretation through photos shot by Photographer Samantha Peck. We found the perfect location which were surrounded by breathtaking pecan orchards and the WIND helped create flowy scarfs movement throughout the photoshoot. This inspired me to call this series “Scarf Movement.”


Photographer: Samantha Peck
Model: Tiesha Harrison
Scarfs: Purchased at Goodwill and Ross Stores
Dress: Bebe
Twitter: @gottalovestyle

Describe Your Style: Fashion Stylist Erika Degraffinreaidt

Describe Your Style: My style is very ECLECTIC! I believe in truly embracing the beauty of art, in which I call fashion. By this, I focus on creating these amazing concepts that truly tell a story. Allowing the audience to really feel the amount of passion and work that everyone involved feels in order to bring about an amazing image. For the past 3 years I’ve had the opportunity to learn and work with some amazing people and I can’t wait to see what the future will hold! Like I tell many people remember “live to love, live to inspire, live to drive towards not just a dream, but your reality!!!
Wardrobe Stylist Erika Degraffinreaidt

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Describe Your Style: Fashion Stylist Emma Breden


I’ve been styling since graduating from University, so two years now. I absolutely love what I do, but
its so competitive you have to be determined and patient! What I love to do is
style feminine, edgy shoots. Something different is always fun but my favourite shoots are the
more simple shoots where the clothing/accessories can do all the talking!
I style a lot of editorials and designers look books but my most
recent project is starting a new print magazine, Exalt.2

Describe Your Style: Fashion Stylist Jessica Hunter


I would have to say that developing signature style is my trademark. Rather than helping people focus on what is in, current and on trend I take that a step further and help individuals and companies break free from the idea of rules to create a look that is uniquely their own. I am inspired by people like YSL, Kate Moss, Tamara Mellon, and Blake Lively. These fashion icons do not follow trends, they create them.

I started my fashion career in boutique sales working for Jimmy Choo and then eventually Salvatore Ferragamo, however I felt like I wasn’t really pushing myself. I visited my brother and his girlfriend in September 2011 during New York Fashion Week and caught one glimpse of the tents at Lincoln Center and I was hooked. The second I got to an internet connection I got on the the MBFW Website and applied to volunteer.

Three seasons in I have had the fortune of moving up to a Venue Captain for shows in the main theater including Rebecca Minkoff, Monique Lhullier, and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Given that I am new to this industry I have really made an effort to branching out and trying my hand different areas of the industry including styling photo-shoots, collaborating with designers to conduct fittings, dressing models, and actual show production.


Currently I work independently as a Fashion Stylist, you can see my published work in Zephyr Magazine, Fashion Faces Magazine, and Eloise Magazine. To see my portfolio please visit my Facebook Page Chic and Disheveled. As I said before Kate Moss is a huge fashion icon personally, but I am not alone. The world adores her. One of the things that inspires me most is that she never looks perfect. There is always something slightly askew or…disheveled about her. Whether it be she is in a perfectly polished look with her hair a-mess, or she is decked out in grunge but her make-up is flawless. There is always an element that make it her, and that is what fashion is all about. Taking it and making it your own!

For more tips on how to develop your own signature style please check out my blog, Chic and Disheveled at

Additional Bio info:
• Style Operations team member for Phoenix Fashion Week
• Dresser for The Agency Arizona
Images included are from my most recent shoot for Zephyr Magazine March 2013

Social Media:
FB: Chic and Disheveled
Instagram: @cydnyhunter

Describe Your Style: Vara Ayanna


My personal style is a compilation of Afrocentric culture, Current trends, Vintage finds, and bright colors i like to describe my style as ——> Black Grandma technicolor rainbow. Fashion to me, is a way to express yourself, it’s MY form of art, and the form of art that speaks to the masses, there will always be clothing, someone will always need something to wear, so why not dress it up? I feel as if clothing is a universal language, it’s one of the only things that keeps the human race connected. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to express themselves, in any way they choose.

My accomplishments thus far—-> Have included but are not limited too, the starting of, a fashion lifestyle website, And the start of my new magazine www., a world conscious fair trade fashion company geared towards making up-cycled, re-vamped, fair trade, and being yourself——> the new couture. We focus on one of a kind up-cycled couture pieces for all shapes and sizes, along with Eco-friendly ready to wear NEW fair trade fashion, and accessories made from 100% organic and fabrics and products. We also donate to various charities and underprivileged areas.


Video by: Malakai Creative LLC

Describe Your Style: Fashion Coolture
1How was Fashion Coolture created? Inspiration? It took me a long time to create the blog, I went through every blog on the internet until one day the name just came to me. I could say that the inspiration was from all the blogs! How would you describe your PERSONAL day to day style???? I would say I love to wear everything, I like changing trends and going from vintage to a rock trend, they are incredible. So I don’t like to think that I have a particular style, I wear what pleases me. Did you graduate with a fashion degree? No, I graduated in law. What inspired you to get into FASHION and Fashion Blogging? The main reason I got into fashion was my love for photography, so one thing led to another…Accomplishments? Mainly getting to know many interesting people, being invited to be part of amazing events and travel a lot.



Describe Your Style: Brittany Parrish

My name is Brittany Parrish.
I loveeeee to thrift vintage clothing. I come from a family of thrifters! My grandmother knew the value of a dollar and one of the ways she expressed that was through thrifting. My mother as well. She uses
thrifting as her therapy from the stresses of a nursing job. I caught on to the thrifting soon enough, buying here and there to pair with things I purchased from the mall. It wasn’t til a year ago, I decided I wanted everything I wore to be thrifted.
I’ve always been different, saw things differently, looked at colors differently but couldn’t quite
express that. My outlet became thrifting! The incredible things you find at a thrift store, for next to
nothing most times when you know how to shop on sale day’s! I get a rush when I go to the thrift store, I
always find such great vintage pieces! And I love that very rarely youll see someone wearing
something you are because vintage is so one of a kind and you can make it your own! I love that about
thrifting! Its like a time capsule! I’m so passionate about it, that I opened an online vintage store of my
own 2 months ago and it did very well! I just want to continue to take thrifting to the next level and share
my passion with the world!2

Facebook: Britt Parrish
INSTAGRAM: vinty_fresh

Fashion Stylist Samantha Ria

A graduate of Royal Holloway, University of London, I had always had big aspirations.
My first job was for BHS/Arcadia as a Buying Associate. Here I learnt that determination and perserverance would set me in good stead for the success I craved.
Following this buying stint, I went on to work for a men’s luxury fashion agency as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator. I put my best foot forward and created flourishing social networks for the brands that were under my wing. Picking up a flair for styling along the way, I created my website to make my finite dreams a reality.

I offer freelance fashion styling, for brands and for individuals.

I won Best Stylist at Tellus Fashion in May 2012.

Now a Fashion Insider for, you can view my profile here:

I am Stylist to Olympic Gymnast, and Strictly Come Dancing Champion, Louis Smith, and also work alongside many other celebrities in the sporting and music world. Biggest accomplishment would be styling and creatively directing the production of Louis’ 2013 calendar.6
Twitter: @SamanthaRia
Facebook: TheSamanthaRia
YouTube: TheSamanthaRia

And you can keep up with my favourite trends on my blog, which now has 200,000 monthly visits: