Describe Your Style: Makeup Artist Viktorija Bowers


My name is Viktorija Bowers, I am NYC based make up artist. I was born and raised in the little city on Croatian/Dalmatian coast that is famous for it’s pirate history, so that, and being Slavic sets tone to my taste and my make up style. DRAMATIC and DARK.
I got my start thanks to MAC cosmetics where I fit prefectly with my goth brothers and sisters and were able to hone in my signature style and venture on my own eventually. I love transforming the face with colors and textures, but regardless of how much or how little make up I put, I never forget face before me. I don’t do paint by number looks, I study the face very carefully, and decide to customize make up to the person, opposed to face to make up. I think that comes from the fact that I am painter as well (I use my married name as my painter persona), and my favorite subject to paint are (guess what) faces LOL.


I blend my dark esthetic with fairytale elements to create works, both on canvas and face and sometimes two meet together in the same project (I would use watercolor tehnique to apply eyeshadow for example).
This background lands itself to me being hired a lot for beauty project, as painterly precision is needed for close ups. I truly truly LOVE MY JOB!!!
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