Describe Your Style: Hair Stylist Jenny Strebe



Describe Your “STYLUSH” Style?
I feel like my biggest accessory is my 3 quarter sleeve tattoo. Looking back at when I got it I was way over the top funky with a crazy Rod Stewart hair style with platinum blonde locks. Obviously I was trying a little too hard. These days I dress edgy but still keep it professional. I’ve toned down a tad but only to draw the type of clientele that I want as well as be approachable for my many entrepreneurship’s. I pair a lot of my looks with skirts and biker boots or vintage t’s with Maxi’s. I don’t really have a set style, I just wear what I like and feel comfortable in. My accomplishments in the the fashion field has really varied. I continue my education in the hairdressing industry on a monthly basis, as I feel like your hair is one of your biggest fashion accesory it says alot about a women. My work has been published in Magazines such as 944, LifeStyles, So Scottsdale,Dark beauty, Dwell, seen on the runway at Scottsdale Fashion Week, Phoenix Fashion Week, Scottsdale Wedding walk , along with numerous downtown first Friday art events. My work have also been seen on TLC, NBC, FOX 10,Channel 3 TV.

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