Describe Your Style: Brittany Parrish

My name is Brittany Parrish.
I loveeeee to thrift vintage clothing. I come from a family of thrifters! My grandmother knew the value of a dollar and one of the ways she expressed that was through thrifting. My mother as well. She uses
thrifting as her therapy from the stresses of a nursing job. I caught on to the thrifting soon enough, buying here and there to pair with things I purchased from the mall. It wasn’t til a year ago, I decided I wanted everything I wore to be thrifted.
I’ve always been different, saw things differently, looked at colors differently but couldn’t quite
express that. My outlet became thrifting! The incredible things you find at a thrift store, for next to
nothing most times when you know how to shop on sale day’s! I get a rush when I go to the thrift store, I
always find such great vintage pieces! And I love that very rarely youll see someone wearing
something you are because vintage is so one of a kind and you can make it your own! I love that about
thrifting! Its like a time capsule! I’m so passionate about it, that I opened an online vintage store of my
own 2 months ago and it did very well! I just want to continue to take thrifting to the next level and share
my passion with the world!2

Facebook: Britt Parrish
INSTAGRAM: vinty_fresh


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