Luxury Shoe Designer: Adriano Diamante


If I could describe my brand in two easy words it would be bold and sexy.  Designing shoes using Swarovski crystals simply came from my passion for crystals and shoes.  I’m immediately attracted to anything that sparkles like most women I guess, but my obsession was a little more than average. So much so, my friends would joke and call me Miss America when I got ready for an event. It has always been a necessity for me to have something embellished as a part of my attire, even if it’s just a belt buckle. A little over a year ago I had an event to attend and in my head I imagine this insane blue sparkly shoe to go with my dress. Search after search I came up with absolutely nothing, so I decided to get something made. I am an only child raised in a household where you didn’t let imagination go to waste; if you could envision it you can bring it to reality. I’ve always had an affair with Swarovski crystals so it wasn’t hard deciding which crystals would adorn the shoes I envisioned. So much trial and error took place before I was satisfied with the “British Beauty” pump available on my website; this was the very first Adriano Diamante pump ever made.  It was the process of developing the Adriano Diamante formula for creating the shoe that was rigorous, the designing was easy.  I remember sitting and actually creating a formula for the adhesive I use and thinking to myself..”You really want this shoe” Once the final shoe was made the team I assembled to create the shoe was so impressed they asked if I could design more. So I took a weekend just to create some more sparkly ideas and before that Monday rolled around I had hundreds of sketches.  Imagining the Swarovski color combinations and how they would sparkle together really lead the way for the designs; I actually see the crystals before the actual design. The color creates the tone for the design on the shoe actually. From there I starting designing one shoe at a time, learning different color and sizing combinations, until next thing I knew I had dozens of Swarovski covered shoes. My best designs started coming to me through dreams recently after losing my mother to ovarian cancer. I remember during my grieving period I would wake up out of long sleeps and immediately start sketching down what I dreamed about. This is where most of my designs that use the bold color combinations resonate from. Already being linked to the Magazine industry I started taking my creations on photo shoots; and to see women/men gasp at the shoes when I pulled them from the boxes was exciting. Word started spreading and I started building a showroom for clients with special request and my brand started creating itself shoe by shoe. Now I have several dozen designs and a great following. Designing for my brides is my absolute favorite part of designing shoes; to know that women trust my vision to create the perfect shoe for their special day is heartwarming. I’m Excited to be featured on some very popular reality shows this year and work with some celebrities but it is merely icing on the cake. I truly love creating shoes that women and girls can marvel at for years to come.324


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