Fashion Stylist & DJ Alexis Knox

“My personal style only dips into my styling style when i meet a like minded soul or im art directing the shoot, then i cant help but over flow with ideas of what ever im into at that time!
Right now im obsessed with Cyber! i love cyber rave style and all things futuristic and digital! Im also still hooked onto the 90s, so im loving rocking around town in my platform Buffalos.
When im not styling im DJing, so usually that means some form of cyber wear! im loving designers Dane London, Maria Ke Fisherman, IRL London & Roberto Piqueras for their forward thinking approach to design.

i always have and always will love cartoon couture, so fashion thats totally pop and cartoony! So i really appreciate the jpop and kpop aesthetic!”

1a2 3 4 Alexis_Knox3Alexis_Knox1

Alexis Portrait Photo Credit:
Luc Coiffat
anthony lycett

Alexis’ Clothing by:
Dane London
Maria ke Fisherman


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