Covey Gong

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I’m majoring fashion design now in SAIC. But fashion is not the only field that I’m interested in. Also, photography, painting, installation, and performance anything deal with art, contemporary art are intrigued me all the time. Fashion in my point of view is a type of art in terms of presented on human body with fabrics. My artworks are trying to convince people a point of view that I believed, and I do like the power of infinity contained in my works. My artworks also about contrasting and confliction. Infinity desires people to wonder and dream things that they can never get. Confliction exists in people’s deep down inside, and I’m really interested how to discover this confliction and expose it. Confliction is like gears, and when gears don’t maintain frictions in between each others, they cannot work together. So, it’s the friction that makes the gears work. In terms of human, it’s the confliction made us to have the power to work and live. Exposing the hidden truth is one of my desire to show in my works.
Coveyon bridge stairsCovey1


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